Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st Meeting Recap

The first meeting was great! Thanks to everyone that showed up!

During the meeting, we discussed and voted on a theme for the next month! See the post Theme of the Month.

Thanks to Jon, Teressa, Nikki, Nancy H., Nancy T., Natalie, and Brian for brining delicious food to the meeting.

Teressa and Nikki made bitter melon, while Jon made Taiwanese style fried pork.
The two Nancys and Natalie brought over taro cake and assorted fruits.

The recipe for the Taiwanese style fried pork and bitter melon will be posted on the blog under the category recipes.

Next meeting will be on Doodle:

Dine LA
Also, DineLA is coming up soon.
Check out for a list of restaurants.
If you have any suggestions for a restaurant give us an e-mail (
The deadline for suggestions will be Sept 28th.
Voting will begin the same day until Oct 2nd.
We will be going sometime during Oct 3rd-8th.

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