Monday, October 4, 2010

[Week 2] Newsletter

Hello foodies!

Thanks to all the people that showed up to the meeting last Friday. The food was delicious! We had vodka cream sauce pasta, rice balls, peach cobbler, and tropical orgasm (drink). The recipes will be posted on our website


October 8th, 2010: 7:00pm
Dine LA

Instead of a meeting at Jon's apartment, there will be a restaurant outing at La Vecchia Cucina Friday night. We will be meeting at Akerman Turnaround at 6:50pm and will be leaving at approximately 7:15 pm. RSVP at There are reservations for 10, first come first serve, expect for drivers. Drivers get first priority. Bring about 40 dollars to include tax and tip in the bill.

Here's the address and menu of the place.

2654 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

October 19th, 2010: 7:00pm Tuesday.

Tengu Sake Sampler

Tengu will have a sake sampler. See flier below. RSVP at by October 15, 2010.

Monthly Theme

Find recipes for the following for next week:

Stuffed pumpkin and soup e-mail recipes to by October 13, Wednesday.

October 15, 2010: 6:30pm Friday.

We will be meeting at Jon’s apartment at 6:30 and go shopping at Trader Joes for ingredients for Stuffed pumpkin and pumpkin soup.

Recipe of the week

Spaghetti alla Carbonara brought to you by Jon


5 slabs Bacon

2 Eggs

1 Egg yolk

1/2 lb Spaghetti

1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup Romano cheese

1 tbs Combination ground Green pepper, white pepper, black pepper (you can exclude green if you can't find it or you can also use medley of peppercorns from your local supermarket)


Preparation for simplicity

1. Beat the egg, egg yolk

2. Mix in cheeses, peppers, and salt

3. Boil water with salt in it

4. Warm up a bowl by putting it in the oven (use thermometer and check if 80-100F range)

*Note before cooking: Make sure when you mix the pasta the egg does not curdle or be too liquidy. Temperature control is key.


1. Throw in noodles to cook for 10-15 minutes

2. In a pan heat up a little oil and cook bacon until crispy

3. Chop bacon into bits

4. Remove noodles and add to bacon fat/oil and toss around quickly.

5. Remove bowl from oven and throw in bacon and noodles

6. Slowly drip the egg mixture while stirring quickly until noodles are evenly coated.

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