Sunday, October 10, 2010

[Week 3] Newsletter

Hello foodies!

DineLA recap
Last week, we did not have a meeting. Instead, the club went out to La Vecchia Cucina, an Italian restaurant, for DineLA. Thanks to all the people that showed up. It was a great opportunity to explore and taste "higher" end food. Overall, the group had an average rating of about 7.0 out of 10. DineLA is still going on next week! If you missed out, it is still not too late to go.Here's their website:

Upcoming Restaurant Events

October 11, 2010 (Monday)
The Stand Hot Dog Run
Meet at Bruin Bear at 7:15pm.

On Monday, The Stand has $1 hot dogs, $1.50 hot dogs with 3 special toppings, and $2 amber ale. If your going to go e-mail Their hot dogs are delicious!

October 19, 2010 (Tuesday)
Tengu Sake Sampler
Meet at Bruin Bear at 7:00pm

Tengu will have a sake sampler. See flier below for details. RSVP at or let Jon know that you are coming by October 15, 2010. Must be over 21 to go.

Monthly Theme (Pumpkin)
October 15, 2010 (Friday)
Meet at the Bruin Bear at 6:00 pm (we're going to Trader Joes then Jon's apt)
RSVP by October 14, 2010

This month, our theme is pumpkin in celebration of fall and Halloween. This week, we are going to make 2 appetizers and a bread. The bread is pumpkin bread, provided by Cynthia (our Vice President). The other appetizers are pumpkin soup and stuffed pumpkin. During this meeting, we will learn how to select pumpkins, improve knife skills, and heat control.

The recipes for these dishes are going to be under the section Theme or Recipes. Read it over! It will be your homework!!!. If you have any other recipes, please e-mail them to

Come with a partially empty stomach because we might not eat until 7:30 or something.

Things to bring
Kitchen knife and cutting board. I don't have enough boards and knives.
Bring like around $10 for food supplies. We'll divide the total cost of food at the meeting after buying the ingredients.

Cya at the events!
Your lovely president,

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